WinUtilities File Shredder


WinUtilities File Shredder

Fact: Deleting your files from the Recycle bin does not guarantee your files are completely unrecoverable. They are only removed from the entry but in reality, your files are still in your hard drive. Until these files are over written by new files, there is still a big possibility that your files can still be retrievable.

WinUtilities File Shredder eradicates any possibilities of recovery of these files, even with advanced recovery applications. It overwrites the file before it is completely eradicated from your system. It also lets you group caches, history files and cookies to be located and deleted.

WinUtilities File Shredder is especially useful if you are considering to sell your old computer or passing on your USB flash disk. Plus, with a simple and easy to operate interface, deleting your files are is easy as a few mouse clicks.
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Type Shareware

Version 4.1

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