eMule Acceleration Tool


eMule Acceleration Tool

Optimize your downloading experience in eMule with eMule Acceleration Tool. This tool works at kernel level and boosts the speed of incoming data packets for faster downloading of files.
eMule is a popular P2P application based on the eDonkey 2000 protocol. It gives you access to eDonkey2000 clients and vice versa. However, the combination of wrong settings and too many connections can result to slow download speed.
That’s why eMule Acceleration Tool provides you an easier solution for faster downloads with eMule. No need to switch to a different P2P client and no need to reset configuration as well. This tool will work well with your filesharing client’s default settings. It works silently in the background and can be accessed on the systems tray.
With its hassle free interface, you can be able to use eMule Acceleration Tool with much ease and comfort.
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