EasyBilling is a handy office program that will let you handle accounting records and create financial documents to back them up.

The software works on the basis of loading data from the user’s diverse clients. This information is stored in a list which EasyBilling will access when creating new files.

The documentation is numbered automatically, while also generating a transaction in the registration of income and expenses, and keeping the backup data. The transactions records include debit and credit notes, invoices, tickets and receipts, among other similar documents. On the other hand, if the user so wishes, the utility can distinguish all the charged taxes.

All recorded transactions can be consulted and used to create reports with statistics and comparisons. Besides, the way in which data from clients and providers is loaded makes it possible to make a differentiated selection, thanks to diverse default criteria included in the application. The results are presented in different formats such as XLS (Excel), PDF or HTML, and there is an option to send them via email from within the tool’s environment.

Finally, EasyBilling lets you graphically edit the files, reports and contents generated, making it possible to include logos and colors. This program fulfills all the requirements of a small business or company need to carry out an organized activity. And, as the saying goes, “organization today is profitability tomorrow.”

• Wide range of features
• Creates all sorts of accounting documents
• Integration with Excel, Adobe Reader and email services

• Rudimentary look

EasyBilling limitations:
• 30-day trial
• Purchase or registration reminder
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Type Shareware

Version 3.6.1

Size 46.96 MB

Other versions

3.6.1 3.6.0 3.3.0