3C Texas Holdem Poker


3C Texas Holdem Poker

3C Texas Holdem Poker is a fun virtual poker game that will make anybody who plays it feel as if they are competing in the great Montecarlo leagues.

3C Texas Holdem Poker is a game that includes all the facets of real-life poker, personified through eccentric characters that play with the user, confronting them. This is a completely virtual poker game that has nothing to do with real-life actions such as betting money (as in other online poker games); this isn’t the case here. The idea in this game is to show the player all the poker variants with fun and a lot of entertainment.

Although the Texas Holdem version is undoubtedly the most recognized version of this world-famous card game, 3C Texas Holdem Poker includes many other versions: bezique, gin rummy, bela, terts, Omaha, piquet and many more.

• Intuitive interface
• Various hours of playing

• Nothing to report

3C Texas Holdem Poker limitations:
• First levels available
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Type Shareware

Version 7.1

Size 7.51 MB

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