Write and don’t stop writing anything that happens to you thanks to MacJournal


  • Write diaries on your Mac.
  • Keep them private or publish them.
  • Compatible with Blogger, WordPress and more.


  • The 15 trial days are a little bit lacking for this kind of tool.

MacJournal is the tool for bloggers of Mac. Well, also it can be used by people that are not bloggers, but MacJournal counts with functions specially thought to take some personal diaries simultaneously.

MacJournal allows you to write entries, in which is possible to define types and sizes of texts, as well as also color for different zones. The good thing is that you can attach videos from Youtube, pictures from iPictures or songs from iTunes. MacJournal also counts with a great module of statistics and allows you to realize searches from tags, dates and single words.

With MacJournal you can publish your posts directly on the compatible services, such as WordPress, Blogger, LiveJournal or Tumblr. If you don’t want to do it, you can keep them private and protected by password on your Mac.

It’s a common Monday. Smother and bored like any Monday. Suddenly, something amazing happens. It’s not necessary to be fantastic, but it’s enough with being something out of the ordinary, you know?: you get a promotion, you reach a personal goal, that girl from the coffee shop smiles to you, or something like that; Or maybe something bad, because bad things also happens. Wouldn’t you want to talk about it? And what about if you write what happens to you usually so it will begin to be extraordinary? Definitely, you need MacJournal.

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Type Shareware

Version 6.2.0

Size 31.06 MB

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