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Experience a whole new way to play the famous card game with Magic 2014 for PC

Magic 2014 is an online trading card game that follows the stories of the planeswalkers, and one in particular, and is the latest installment in the series.

This time, the franchise decided to create an actual storyline rather than having each player mindlessly duel others. The character that is the focus of the story is Chandra Nalaar, a planeswalker from previous installments. She uses red mana to create amazing fire spells and is notoriously passionate and short-tempered. A fellow planeswalker, Ramaz, set her up after she stole a scroll, and now she is seeking her revenge.

Apart from the novelty of actually having a plot, Magic 2014 introduces 10 new decks, 15 new encounters, and 10 new puzzle challenges. A new game mode known as Sealed Play that lets players open Booster Packs and build decks while battling other players or AI.

The famous creatures known as Slivers will now be playable, with 10 available. This may not seem that important to new fans, but those who have played before know the power that Slivers possess, sharing their abilities with Slivers in the vicinity. Imagine being able to team up with other Slivers and activate a hive mind while playing against someone else!

Staying true to the addition of a story and plot to the game, each duel will start off with a quote that relates to where the player is in the story. This will help to give the player more context and give the game more meaning. There will also be videos interwoven into the gameplay and duels or encounters specific to certain planes.

Download the Steam installer for Magic 2014 and experience a new world of action, battles, and epic stories.

• Excellent story
• Great for beginners
• 10 new decks
• 15 new encounters
• 10 new puzzle challenges
• New Sealed Play game mode
• New Slivers

• Nothing worth mentioning
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