Magic Piano by Smule


The best play along music game with a huge music collection for any musical taste


  • Running dispute musical games and songs as if your iPhone were a piano
  • Access to a database of more than 1,000 songs of all kinds
  • Fantastic display options
  • Very simple and easy to understand
  • Option to play with vocalists through Sing!

The piano is the most incredible instrument in the world. His melodic and harmonic possibilities, plus rhythmic alternatives, differ significantly from other traditional instruments. In this sense, if you are someone who likes to play the piano in any medium then you must download right now in your IOS device's Magic Piano app by Smule.

This great tool is designed as entertainment, but also as a form of musical expression. And this is connected with its excellent database that will provide you with all kinds of songs so you can interpret, in a simplified way, but with different degrees of difficulty, the most varied songs. So, if you like the great Bruno Mars hits or enjoy the songs of the carilindos One Direction, then Magic Piano by Smule is for you. Now if you are someone who loves classical music, you can also perform Beethoven sonatas of Mozart's Magic Flute. It is for everyone.

As if this was not enough, it is good to note that Magic Piano by Smule has excellent display options for all to have access to this type of music game. Even, you'll carry on items with singers thanks to its integration with another app from the same developer (called Sing!). Take this great opportunity and download Magic Piano by Smule already on your iPad or iPhone.

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Type Freeware

Version 7.3.0

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