Magic Piano


Bring your inner musician to life with this clever music game which emulates a real piano


  • Great sound quality
  • Superb User Interface and layout
  • Addictive gameplay, similar to Guitar Hero
  • More than 1000 songs, updated daily, from every conceivable genre
  • Social features including sharing performances via Facebook, Twitter and Email
  • Three difficulty modes for each song


  • Difficult to play if you have poor rhythm
  • Some songs missing particular difficulties

Magic Piano is a free app available for Android, developed by Smule Inc, in which you can play your favorite songs and tunes by tapping a series of circles signifying piano keys. 

How Does it Work?

Magic Piano lets you play all of your favorite songs and tunes, from classical music to contemporary pop, all with a cleverly designed tactile interface which represents specific notes. The traditional piano stave has been removed in place of a series of bright circles, constantly moving upward to represent the rhythm of a song. Touching off them will produce a particular sound. It has been considered by many to be a Piano-only version of Guitar Hero given its design - "Piano Hero", if you will. 

Playing the game is highly intuitive for anyone who enjoys music. Similar to the likes of Guitar Hero, notes placed above or below each other are sequential, whereas those adjacent to each other are played simultaneously as chords, much like an actual musical score. To play the note, you just have to touch it with your finger in sync with the rhythm. Touching three notes in a line will play them as a chord. Tempos vary depending on the song, and if you do not miss any notes, the app will continue at its default pace. Missing a note or chord repeatedly, however, will cause the app's speed to slow, waiting until you catch up. While there is no metronome allowing you to keep one's rhythm, the notes are a suitable guide for that purpose. 

A Huge Database to Master

The best part about this app is its massive database. With over 1000 songs to choose from, updated daily, regardless of your tastes, you're bound to find something. Whether it's popular music, classical, video game, indie, film, or whatever else you can think of, there's a piece for everyone to try. 

The best part about this app is its massive database. With over 1000 songs to choose from, updated daily, regardless of your tastes, you're bound to find something.

Once you think you have mastered a particular song, the app invites you to try it at a higher difficulty. The difficulty curve in this game is not that steep, with just three difficulty settings - Easy, Medium and Hard - and so things get tough fast. For faster paced songs, however, objectively speaking it will be tougher from the outset. Even the Hard difficulty for slower songs can be considerably challenging. It definitely feels rewarding when you finally finish that Hard version of Super Mario Bros! 

Share your Success with Friends

With that in mind, the app also contains many social features. If you thought your performance of a song was particularly impressive, or if you achieved a high score, you can share performances with your friends via Facebook, Twitter and email. If there is a song that is absent from the database available, you can log on to Facebook and request that it be updated.

Thus whether you're a piano player or not, or any kind of musician, this app will suit you. Because of its simple user interface, the app is tailored more towards the average Android user than the average musician. That being said, while it is not necessary that you play the piano, the game is less enjoyable for those with poor rhythm, or who are not inherently musical. Overall, however, it is a highly enjoyable app, very easy to pick up and play at any time, has an abundance of social features, a huge database, and is not insurmountably difficult. A great download for any music lover. 

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Type Freeware

Version 2.0.6

Size 21.1 MB

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