MAGIX Music Maker


Use a database of 3000+ sounds to create, edit, produce and share your own songs with this amazing composer tool


  • Highly realistic instruments and sounds
  • Huge database of over 3000 sounds and loops
  • Emulate styles like Pop Rock, Jazz, House and more using templates
  • Perfect every sound with the Effects rack
  • Intuitive user interface and mixer
  • Integrated MIDI Editor
  • Compatible with MIDI Controllers and real instruments for direct input
  • Record music videos
  • Share your songs on YouTube, Facebook and Soundcloud


  • Steep learning curve for new users

MAGIX Music Maker 2015 is a highly competent music composer tool for PC, developed by Magix, which lets users create, edit and produce their very own music quickly and easily in HD quality. The program is available here as a trial version only. The full version is available externally.  

Become a Real Composer

For many of us, music is a central component of our lives, allowing us to express ourselves and our emotions in unique ways. While many of us have this passion for music, we often do not play an instrument and have no haptic connection to the sounds we are enjoying. Digitally created music strives for something different. By offering a more recognizable interface, we can tap into our musical potential and create music in a totally new way. Magix Music Maker 2015 is an example of this, offering us a virtually unlimited set of possibilities through its large instrument and sound set and an assortment of other features. The process of creation starts and ends with you. Everyone has music within them, so compose what's in your heart with Music Maker!

Digital Instruments, Professional Quality Sounds

For those who have studied music in any depth, you will know that the timbre (the unique quality) of an instrument is just a set of frequencies overlaid on top of each other. Without getting technical, sufficed to say that Music Maker and other composing suites can reproduce these sounds with utmost accuracy, so composing music virtually can and does sound just as real as an actual instrument. Music Maker makes this even easier with its highly intuitive user interface. Although it looks complicated, tutorials and a bit of trial and error will have you creating your perfect song in no time. 

When you begin a project you wil be presented with a set of instrument lines, set along a horizontal time bar. By clicking on a segment you can edit its properties. A rudimentary mixer will pop up allowing you to adjust volume, distortion and other effects. The drag-and-drop interface makes swapping and adding instruments a simple process. From the 'Effects' rack you can manipulate your sounds in dozens of other ways, including lengths, sound quality, hall, delay, pitch and more as if you're in a real studio. Best of all is the new Analog Synths feature, containing analog sounds from legendary synthesizers with high fidelity and accuracy. For electronic sounds, this, alongside the DN-e1 Synthesizer, will provide an astounding sound experience. 

From the 'Effects' rack you can manipulate your sounds in dozens of other ways, including lengths, sound quality, hall, delay, pitch and more as if you're in a real studio. Best of all is the new Analog Synths feature, containing analog sounds from legendary synthesizers with high fidelity and accuracy

Endless Possibilities

The instrument and sound database for Music Maker is highly impressive. In all, the user can choose from more than 3000 different sounds and loops, use synthesizers or program drum loops using a virtual drum machine to create amazing, professional quality sounds. Six new soundpools let you add style to your music, whether it's Hip Hop, Trap, Reggae, Techno, Rock Pop, Chilout or House rhythms. If you're a singer, the 'Vocal Tune' feature will allow you to ensure that you hit the right notes by scanning your vocals as you input them via a microphone. Similarly, an on-screen keyboard will let you focus on the harmony of your music through templates for chords, arpeggios and other features. 

For professional musicians, if they want to be more precise, the software is also compatible with MIDI format, meaning you can use a MIDI controller keyboard to directly input notes, or simply record the sound from a real instrument directly into the software, assuming you have the appropriate microphone on hand. You can then edit and perfect these sounds once they have been input using essentialFX and the Vintage Effects Suite. You can also import full audio recordings in multiple formats, edit them, and export them in whatever format you like, including MP3, WAV, OGG Vorbis, WMA, Quick Time, MIDI and FLAC. You are then ready to burn them on to a CD or DVD as you please with Music Maker's built-in CD burner.

Using Music Maker, you can even record your own music videos! Just upload the images or video clips you need, or record directly from your webcam and create high quality music videos in no time at all. 

Share your Songs

What would Music Maker be without sharing capabilities? With these options, once you have completed a track you can quickly share it with the rest of the world through Facebook, YouTube and Soundcloud with its integrated upload feature. Just select the song and the platform, log in to your account and your song is ready to be presented to your audience. While for many composition is a private affair, you'll definitely want to show off what you've created with Music Maker! Start your performance now!

The Verdict

Suitable for professionals and amateurs alike, Magix Music Maker 2015 is a highly sophisticated music composer with a very simple presentation. Its user interface is highly intuitive, dividing up instruments and editing options in a simple way for ease of access. Choose from a database of over 3000 sounds, create loops and use templates to get started, or simply create your own sounds from scratch by inputting notes directly using a controller or your own instruments. If there is any element you are unsure of, the range of in-program tutorials are bound to have the answer for you. Use studio effects to get the best out of your sounds, perfect your tracks and then share them online with the rest of the world. Although the software has a steep enough learning curve for newer users, its range of templates allow for anyone musical to enjoy the process of creation. Embrace the joy of creation now and start composing for yourself! 

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