Mail Butler


Mail Butler, the evolution of Send Later


  • It sends fine the mails
  • It makes bigger your Apple Mail service
  • It comes with a better interface


  • Too much features

Do you remember Send Later? It was a great tool to schedule the mailing sending in Mac. Well, we have a new for you: it has arrived again, but with new face, features and name; today it is known as Mail Butler.

Mail Butler is a great email schedule platform that will help you to personalize your Apple Mail. If you download it you will have at your hands a great app to schedule mails for the day and hour you decide, to add bigger files that the allowed by the mail clients and even you will have the chance to stop a mail sendings seconds after to presh “Send” button if you make a mistake and you need to repair it. At this time it comes as payment software, so we imagine they want to enter into corporate mail services.

In short words it is a great application that will help you a lot of during your mailing processes, so you will not have to be worried for anything. Would you like to have this app in your Mac? Then, what are you waiting for to download Mail Butler? Try the license, it is not expensive and you will enjoy it.

Mail Butler icon

Type Shareware

Version 6476

Size 14.98 MB

Other versions

6476 6414 5368 4.2.90 1.2.5 Build 1719