Rescue the contents from your DVD and Blu-Ray with MakeMKV


  • Extract contents from DVD and Blu-Ray.
  • Overcome the anti copy protections.
  • Perfect to make the most of contents on computers without optical readers.


  • Only exports to MKV.

MakeMKV is a program that works to extract contents from your optical disks and to convert them in MKV files. The main purpose of MakeMKV is to take advantage of the contents on computers and Mac’s without optical readers, and also to realize security copies of all the disks you want.

Why MKV? Because MKV (also known as ‘Matroska’) is not a video format itself, but is a kind of ‘container’. A MKV file can contain within a huge quantity of tracks of audio, video and subtitles. Moreover, at this point of technology development, practically there is no multimedia player that not supports it.

For all of this, MakeMKV lets you to take your DVD and Blu-Ray to friendlier environments. Don’t worry about anti copy protections, because MakeMKV overcome those barriers and accedes to the contents without problems. Either you don’t have to worry about the final size of the files because you can make adjusts on MakeMKV so the MKV file will have the size you want (sometimes losing quality, but other times only changing the format is enough).

The good of MakeMKV is that you can create your disks as you want, taking out the sound tracks and subtitles you don’t use and keeping the structure of titles and chapters. Without any doubt, MakeMKV is one of those tools that you always should have on hand.

MakeMKV only exports to MKV. Although this is something logical due its nature's name, the truth is that a lot of similar tools usually have some additional options.

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Type Shareware

Version 1.10.1

Size 17.03 MB

Other versions

1.10.1 1.9.10 1.9.9 Beta