Making History 2: The War of the World


Take the fate of a single nation into your hands and guide it through WWII in this unique strategy game


  • Take the fate of a single nation into your hands during WWII
  • Wonderfully realistic 3D environments
  • Culturally specific architecture and units
  • 300+ unit models from major nations
  • Micromanage everything: military, economy, trade, diplomacy
  • Trace infrastructural developments in your nation such as food production and transport
  • Turn the tide of combat with logistics networks and various plans of attack (air, land, sea)
  • Research new technologies with a detailed tech tree


  • Steep enough learning curve for new players with lots to manage

Making History 2: The War of the World is a free strategy and war simulator game for PC, developed by Muzzy Lane. Select your nation and guide it through World War 2, one of the most turbulent times in Earth's history. The game is available here as a demo version. The full version is available on the developer's website. 

Core Gameplay and Features

Like its predecessor, Making History 2 seeks to offer the player complete control over all aspects of gameplay. If you have not played the original game, the basic idea is that you select a nation and take over all aspects of its development and well being during the World War 2 period (1939-1945). From the outset this is fascinating, since whatever nation you choose, your gameplay experience will drastically change. A more developed nation, for instance, might have an advantage at first, but they will be under constant threat of attack. 

Gameplay proceeds in a turn-based manner. The user interface displays a map of the world and various menus to monitor their progress. Controls utilize a point-and-click mechanism for controlling units and manipulating options in-game. The UI has been completely redesigned in this game, allowing you to look up information about virtually anything quickly and efficiently. Maps look highly impressive, offering not only high definition 3D rendering, but also culturally distinct architecture for individual nations. 

In this game, the player is given an unprecedented amount of control. Development falls into four main categories: military, economy, trade and diplomacy. The first two are internal to your country, representing your nation's war machine. This includes monetary distribution for infrastructure, building tanks, carriers, and training personnel, educating your people in universities, constructing nuclear labs, conducting research on new technologies and so much more. Of particular note is the tech tree for research, offering far more developmental paths than ever before. Trade and diplomacy are your method of forging relations with neighbouring nations through international trade and alliances. Forging the right alliances is key to turning the tide in the war. Once again, depending on which nation you choose, your motives here will change. 

In addition to such grander concerns, you must also look after your nation's infrastructure including transportation, defense, food production and natural resources. This ensures that your society develops at a steady rate. On a more governmental scale, you can also monitor the status of a population. This new feature lets you profile neighbouring nations by nationality, ethnicity, ideology and religion. These features influence how your population relates to others and is key to forging alliances. 

Engaging in Combat

While in combat, there is also a lot to be managed. A logistics network must be set up to ensure that weapons and munitions are built on time and transported to the front lines. Each unit in combat has their own health and experience level, as well as other variables, which will increase the longer they are fighting. The game boasts an impressive 300+ unit models, representing all of the major nations. As expected, attacking another nation will severely damage diplomatic relations between you. Assaults can be conducted on the ground, by air, or by sea, depending on the resources available to your nation. 

The Verdict

Making History 2 improves upon its predecessor with even more depth of gameplay and choice offered to players. Take the fate of a single nation or region into your hands and control every element of its development. Manage the military, the economy as well as trade relations and diplomacy with other nations. Look after your population, now with their own nationality, religion, ethnicity and ideology, influencing potential alliances and other factors. Keep your war machine alive by building and researching new units and technologies. Develop your infrastructure including transport, defense, natural resources and food production. Battle against other nations for supremacy in a highly intuitve combat system and ensure they stay supplied through logistics networks and supply chains. As a strategy game, its scale and depth of thought is outstanding and any fans of the genre will enjoy it thoroughly. Well worth downloading. 

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