Malware Scene Investigator


Clean your computer and remove malware for free

Malware Scene Investigator is a security application with which you’ll be able to eliminate malware and clean your PC hard disk without formatting it, for free..

Malware Scene Investigator for Windows uses a heuristic system to detect problems or threats, meaning that it won’t just find known malware, but also completely new harmful software. This is because it doesn’t use a list of viruses to compare the files on your PC; rather, it recognizes symptoms or changes caused by malicious programs, to tell you the cause of an erratic computer operation.

Malware Scene Investigator works quickly and reliably. Besides, it´s very easy to use, since it only requires two simple steps to scan your computer; all you have to do is close the open applications and run the program as an administrator. Then you’ll have to press the button to scan and wait a few moments until you see the report tab, where you’ll see the results.

Malware Scene Investigator is especially recommended for system administrators or advanced users, since its tools can quickly identify infections that aren’t detected by normal antivirus programs. Besides, it´s completely portable and requires no installation; this lets you take it on a USB memory to use it anywhere you need it.

If you are looking for a free tool to diagnose infections on your PC, be sure to download Malware Scene Investigator for free.

• Easy to use
• Heuristic PC analysis
• High scanning speed
• Completely portable

• Doesn’t offer many advanced features

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Type Freeware

Version 1.15

Size 425.85 kB

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