MAME Classic


MAME Classic

MAME Classic is an extremely well-known arcade machine emulation platform, that works as a simulator of vector and bitmap games.

In MAME Classic you’ll find a large directory of ROMs for download and updates of titles for large machines, such as the ones in videogame places. The program includes a complete shop that will let you edit the game list accepted by the console; this feature was not available in previous versions of MAME. Besides, each title installed provides its own individual configuration to adapt the controls to your convenience.

On the other hand, MAME Classic offers a complete editing of all the game’s variables, such as the icon, static images or history information. It is even possible to add filters that will make it simpler to advance in the games.

Finally, in case you have previous versions of this well-known emulator, you’ll be able to use the previous ROMs, since in this edition the launching of each application has been updated.

• Can be expanded via add-ons
• Doesn’t use a lot of resources
• Wide range of options

• Rudimentary look
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Type Freeware

Version 5.8.1

Size 547 B

Other versions

5.8.1 5.7.0