Mario Worlds X


Mario Worlds X

Mario Worlds X is a new and fun computer game just for you! It is a multiplayer fighting version of the classic game Mario. It is designed with a colorful graphics and amazing sound effects. This game offers 6 modes of game (including the bonus game). You can choose the mode of game that you want to play. Your main goal in this game is to fight against your opponent by knocking his/her character out of the game. This game is played by two players. The player 1 can control his/her character by pressing the arrow keys and the Player 2 can control his/her opponent by pressing the WASD keys. Each player’s health is displayed at the top of the screen and represented by a red card. 3 lives are given to each player. Play this game now and enjoy!
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Type Freeware

Version 1.21

Size 1.2 MB

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