Mary Kay Andrews: The Fixer Upper


Help Dempsey refurbish the Birdsong home by painting, cleaning, finding hidden objects and much more


  • Outstanding high quality graphics
  • Diverse locales to explore
  • Great colors, textures and lighting for both indoor and outdoor areas
  • Plenty of hidden object puzzles and other tasks including cleaning, painting, weeding, plastering and much more
  • Based on the best selling novel


  • Poor soundtrack and sound effects
  • Excessive dialogue at the beginning of the game

Mary Kay Andrews: The Fixer Upper is a free strategy and hidden object adventure game for PC, developed by Big Fish Games. Help Dempsey Jo Killebrew refurbish Birdsong, a family home recently inherited by her father in Georgia. The game is available here as a trial version. The full version is available externally. 

Core Gameplay and Features

Dempsey Jo Killebrew is in dire straits after her boss in a high-powered Washington public relations company is caught in a political scandal. Inevitably, she loses her job, her money and her home. With nowhere else to go, she accepts her father's request in helping him refurbish a recently inherited family home, Birdsong. This is where the story begins. The game is based on a novel of the same name written by Mary Kay Andrews. 

This game is classified as a hidden object game. If you've never played one before, the general premise is quite straight forward. The player is presented with a series of still images representing a first-person point of view. At the bottom of the screen is a list of objects the player has to find, in this case in a horizontal menu. Objects are shaded before they have been discovered, necessitating that the player matches shapes to objects at the scene. Controls for the game utilize a point-and-click or click-and-hold system. 

In this game, the main objective is to explore the various rooms and outdoor areas surrounding Birdsong and assist in any way you can. This includes everything from clearing debris to plastering to weeding and many other activities. For goal-based tasks, a bar in the top of the screen will indicate your progress. In this way, the game is more diverse than standard hidden object games, offering a more diverse range of activities. That being said, however, it lacks the sense of urgency and drama typically associated with them. 

If a player is having particular difficulty when searching for an object, the 'Hint' button can be used which will highlight the area that an object is in. If you remain focused and study your environment carefully, though, you'll likely miss nothing. Other aspects of the game do not appear too difficult, such as painting, plastering and general cleaning tasks, since they only require a player to click and hold on a location until the job is done. 

In terms of difficulty, objects are never that hard to find. Controls are also quite easy to handle, allowing a player to travel between adjacent areas using a series of active spots and arrows.

Graphics, Visuals and Sound

For hidden object games, strong graphics are a must - and this game certainly delivers. The Birdsong mansion is rendered in amazingly high quality wtih excellent colors, textures and lighting for indoor and outdoor areas. The soundtrack, sadly, is not that impressive. Sound effects are similarly forgettable. In terms of difficulty, objects are never that hard to find. Controls are also quite easy to handle, allowing a player to travel between adjacent areas using a series of active spots and arrows. 

The Verdict

If you were a fan of the original novel, or just like hidden object games in general, this game will definitely suit you. Its sharp and realistic graphics, simple story and core hidden object-type gameplay will keep you entertained for hours. Unfortunately, while core gameplay was what you would expect, peripheral features such as the soundtrack, the sound effects and the pace of the narrative were somewhat lacking, rarely matching the tone of a scene with the music. In any case, if hidden object games are your thing, and you're looking for something to test your skills of observation, give this game a go. Completionists in particular will love this game because of how much there is to do. If you also have a penchant for tidyness, this game will do the trick. You might even find a hidden passion for cleaning that you never knew you had. Why not try downloading the free trial now?


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