Mayura Chess Board


Mayura Chess Board

Chess enthusiasts will surely enjoy Mayura Chess Board. This chess engine offers different strategies for each level of players (Novice, Intermediate, Expert). Novice users will enjoy plenty of assistance from Mayura Chess Board. It can highlight squares where you can move your pieces as well as undefended or attacked pieces. Expert users will enjoy a formidable computer opponent.
Not only that, it features unlimited undo and redo, animated piece movement and an arrow to indicate the last move. It also displays the captured pieces.
Want a little more challenge? Try the professional time control like the kids in the tournament does.
With easy controls, awesome graphics and animation, and great features chess players of all ages and of all levels will surely love the Mayura Chess Board.
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Type Freeware

Version 2.1

Size 1.22 kB

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