Become a typing boss with MecaNet


  • Good function panel.
  • Educational and informative
  • Portable.


  • The interface design lacks creativity.

Are you fast at typing but need to gain that extra bit of speed? Want to digitalize those university notes as fast as the lecturer is speaking? Well you’ve found the ideal application; thanks to MecaNet you’ll learn how to type correctly, gain new keyboard skills, and get all-round better results. And you know the method is sound when typing classes themselves adopt them.

Type without rushing, type without lagging

MecaNet is recognized worldwide in the world of typing education. The idea is not to put you off straight away, but to introduce you to the subject gradually, explaining why the fingers are placed where they are, and encouraging you to ‘educate’ your movements. Or, in other words, get rid of bad habits that have built up over the years.

Thanks to MecaNet, you can learn by advancing through 20 levels; right from the beginning where you’ll learn which fingers should be placed on which keys, knowing the tricks to increase speed pulsation, games to boost skills, exercises to optimize the numbered keypad, and—it being the digital age and all—the option to publish your results online.

Portable, for learning on the go

Basically, the idea is that learning to type doesn’t just help your office productivity, but also performance in whatever area. Pretty much anything you do on a computer needs you to have good mastery of the keyboard. MecaNet can help as much to take down notes as it could to play games online.

The developers of MecaNet have made it so it’s not necessary to install the application on a hard drive; you can take with you on a pen or external drive and run it wherever you are without installing. Want to challenge a friend? Now is the time!

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Type Freeware

Version 15.07.01

Size 2.11 MB

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