Medal of Honor Airborne


Medal of Honor Airborne

Medal of Honor, one of the best-known war action games worldwide, surprises once more with new fights. In the Airborne version you’ll play as an experienced paratrooper: each of your missions will start with a jump from an airplane, in which you’ll control where you want to descend.

With a scenario set in World War II, Medal of Honor Airborne will go through places in Italy, France, the Netherlands and Germany, during its levels. As you fulfill your objectives, the challenges get more difficult, since more experienced German Nazi armies will arrive that will cause you a lot of headaches to defeat them.

New tools to defeat your enemy

The game developers have created an artificial intelligence system called “Affordance AI” that lets the opposing troop identify you more easily. Therefore you must be more careful for attacks, since unforeseeable rivals will appear from anywhere.

Medal of Honor Airborne lets you choose between an enormous arsenal of different weapons, which can be customized with authentic items to make you feel safer. Besides, the progressive use of these items will give you greater ability to defend yourself better and better in the campaigns.

It should be noted that you have the option to play in the multiplayer mode and start an online game, in which you’ll be able to choose whether you want to fight for the Allies and jump in a parachute or associate with the Axis and start from the surface. With an excellent effects quality, realistic graphics and an exceptional audio, Medal of Honor Airborne is an action game title worth having if you are a fan of war challenges.

Download Medal of Honor Airborne for free and enjoy the most chosen war game by users worldwide.

• Excellent gameplay
• High image and audio quality
• Well-designed storyline
• Very detailed sceneries
• Attractive soundtrack

• Uses a lot of system resources
• The length of the game is short

Medal of Honor Airborne limitations
• First levels available
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