Are you studying medicine or need to make any type of medical calculation? If your answer is positive, you cannot wait to use MedCalc.With this valuable and powerful calculator you will able to make an enormous quantity of scientific operations. Besides is completely compatible with PalmPilot and Handspring and this makes its download even more recomendable.

In MedCalc you will find all types of categories related to different areas of medicine: cardiology, pharmacy, obstetrics, pediatry, electrolytes, kidney medicine or specialization in lung diseases.

Fitted with an interface with a good structure which will make its application easier, MedCalc also allows you to make calculations with personalized formulas as well as to consult any type of bibliographic references.

It is an ideal tool to clear up doubts related to your study subjects or to complete the information provided by your academic formation.
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Type Shareware

Version 15.10

Size 18.42 MB

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15.10 11.5.1