Media Companion


Organize your virtual movie collection with the brilliant Media Companion


  • Efficient media organizer
  • XDMC integration
  • IMDB integration
  • Drag and drop feature


  • Nothing noteworthy

Media Companion is a media organizer for Windows that allows you to sort out your movie collection while offering full XBMC integration.

Whether you are an old school movie obsessive or a modern day TV show nut your computer is probably stuffed to the brims with video files! With various films and countless series on your system it can become difficult to arrange your content in order. Media Companion offers you a way to organize your films and TV shows so you can easily see what you have watched and decipher what you want to watch.

As if full compatibility with the comprehensive XBMC media player wasn’t enough the Media Companion also offers full integration with IMDB, the Internet Movie Database. This means that you can download the information on your media content, complete with thumbnail pics. So even if you have forgotten whether you’ve seen something or not when you read its title with this great feature you'll be able to see a summary, photo, screenshots and view cast and various other pieces of information.

Media Companion is a dream to set up and navigate. Simply drag and drop your files into the main window to add. The program also allows you to create lists and dictate how you want your content to be listed, by director, year, title etc.

Media Companion is an excellent organizer that is built to enhance your viewing experience, well worth downloading!

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Type Freeware

Version 3.714b

Size 16.79 MB

Other versions

3.714b 3.712b 3.711b 3.710b 3.709b