Mega Man 8 bit Deathmatch


Mega Man as an FPS, in full 3D - CutmanMike reimagines Mega Man for all the fans!


  • Mega Man turns FPS in amazing 3D environments
  • Simple controls, easy to learn how to play
  • Play through the challenging single player campaign or take on your friends in multiplayer
  • FPS players feel at home with Deathmatch, TDM, CTF, Possession and other modes
  • Choose from dozens of different in-game items
  • 100+ playable character skins from multiple Mega Man games
  • 75+ weapons to choose from
  • Regular updates by creators including new maps and weapon balancing


  • Balancing issues with weapons and maps are not addressed that often

Mega Man 8 bit Deathmatch is a fan-made first person shooter game for PC based on the classic Mega Man series, developed by CutmanMike of the team MM8BDM. The game contains many similarities to the original Mega Man series such as characters and weapons, only this game is in full 3D and has been redesigned solely as a multiplayer FPS-type experience. 

Mega Man Reimagined

Of those who are veteran gamers, we all remember Mega Man. We remember its simple yet addictive gameplay and mechanics and its endless cast of characters, suits, weapons and bosses. For most, we remember its difficulty, particularly how fun and rewarding it was to conquer truly difficult environments in the game. Thus, as a side-scrolling platformer, Mega Man was definitely the king. MM8BDM, in fitting tribute to this great series, have created a game that not only reevaluates the core gameplay and mechanics of original Mega Man titles, but completely reimagines them in 'old school' first person shooter style. 

Mega Man 8 bit Deathmatch is the end result of their efforts. The game is rendered in classic 8 bit, but is still in 3D. Environments, backgrounds, color schemes and textures all resemble classic Mega Man titles, only on a seemingly much larger scale. The weapons are also quite similar, this time in full 3D. The game offers character skins and weaponry from all Mega Man iterations and bosses, meaning it's easy to fully kit out your Mega Man in a way that suits you. 

Core Gameplay and Mechanics

Although Mega Man-inspired, the game is a FPS in all conceivable ways. Controls, for that reason are simple to pick up and learn. There are few mechanics beyond firing your weapon and mastering movement, and even fewer UI features beyond your health meter. Game modes also reflect this style. The game can be played in single player or in multiplayer. If you opt for multiplayer, you have the choice of various classic FPS game modes seen in the likes of Call of Duty including Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag and Possession. Games can be set up in a server with other players or manually via the Options menu. Once you're in a lobby, players have the option to kick another player, vote for various stages or change limits such as frags, time, etc. 

The main objective of multiplayer is to earn as many kills (or frags) as possible on the battlefield while contributing to any other objectives. Your character is represented by a weapon protruding from the corner of your screen, similar to all FPS games. Other characters are represented as to-scale versions of Mega Man characters (whoever they happen to be). 

Characters in the game are diverse. In all, there are over 100 playable character skins in the game, ranging from Mega Man 1's Ice Man to Mega Man 7's Cloud Man and dozens more. In a way, they are meant merely as a confidence booster, because the inclusion of these is purely an act of fan service. While sizes may seem to vary at times, characters are purely aesthetic and offer no specific advantages on the battlefield. Other in-game skins such as bosses and some NPCs are also included though cannot be used in multiplayer. 

Weapons are just as varied. Your character can be equipped with over 75 different types of weapons including the original blaster, fire, ice and leaf-based weapons, bombs, the Flame Sword, the Metal Blade, and much more. This ensures that you can plan and execute strategies on the battlefield in a more sophisticated way. Most of the time, however, you'll end up throwing everything you've got at a player until that classic Mega Man death mechanic appears. 

In terms of gameplay, multiplayer is extremely entertaining and fast-paced. The game has virtually no lag or latency issues to speak of, a welcome start. Firing your weapon and general character movement are also fairly solid. As expected, the sound effects in the game perfectly reflect classic Mega Man sounds. This is the most welcome addition of all, offering a far more authentic gameplay experience. Whether you're capturing a flag or simply earning frags in TDM, multiplayer is the core of this game. It's lively, addictive and requires an immense degree of skill to be truly mastered (much like other FPS titles). 

As expected, the sound effects in the game perfectly reflect classic Mega Man sounds. This is the most welcome addition of all, offering a far more authentic gameplay experience

While the game is intended to be enjoyed as a multiplayer experience, the game also contains a comprehensive single player mode. In single player, there is a full-blown campaign mode filled with nasty enemies and with bosses comparable in difficulty to classic Mega Man games. It is definitely well worth checking out. The difficulty setting can also be modified for the more seasoned players. When you complete a level, you will even be returned to Dr. Light's lab where you can parse through missions and test out new weapons you have acquired. Talk about retro.

Mega Man Fans, Rejoice

For any fans of the Mega Man series who have been longing for something new to try, this game is definitely worth a go. The game has been meticulously designed in terms of graphics, items, sounds, character skins, music and many more features to ensure that it's Mega Man through and through. It is truly the most authentic fan game I've come across in a while. The multiplayer is intense, exciting and addictive. Challenge your friends and  set up your own games on a variety of maps. Utilize dozens of different weapons and over 100 different character skins during combat. Try classic modes like Deathmatch or Capture the Flag. Play through a single player campaign that's just as enjoyable as real Mega Man titles. Use dozens of in-game items including boosters, energy balls, and many more. The game receives regular updates from its creators which can be viewed from their main site. These include new multiplayer maps, remakes of older ones, new weapons and much more. Why not download it and give it a try? The game is free to download from the link above. 

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Type Freeware

Version v1c

Size 60.23 MB

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