Memorize Word Flashcard System


Improve your English vocabulary with Memorize Word Flashcard System

Memorize Word FlashcardSystem is a free tool with which you’ll be able to learn English on your computer.

Memorize Word Flashcard System Final will help you increase and expand your English vocabulary, using the Leitner card system (also known as “flashcards”). Basically, it lets you create cards with different words, including their definition, pronunciation, examples and even multimedia elements, such as images, sounds or video. You can get all this information directly from the Internet, so you won’t waste time creating the cards.

Memorize Word FlashcardSystem free lets you classify the cards into categories and assign them an “expiration date” based on your learning level and your desired objective. It also lets you design learning lessons using only specific cards, or assign a time limit.

Memorize Word FlashcardSystem is an ideal program for English students at all levels. It´s perfect to complement your learning, since it will help you memorize new words and gradually add them to your vocabulary, to let you speak much more fluently.

Don’t hesitate any longer to download Memorize Word FlashcardSystem for free!

• Lets you add multimedia elements to the cards
• Search for definitions and examples on the Internet
• Lets you add a timer to each session

• Doesn’t include grammar lessons
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Type Free (GPL)


Size 886 kB

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