Improve your computer's performance by enhancing the memory management

Memory Washer is an optimization tool with which you’ll be able to improve your computer’s memory management, to make all your tasks much faster and more efficient.

If, when using your computer, you experience slowness, instability and unexpected crashes, this is possibly due to a bad usage of RAM memory. When you open several programs at the same time or carry out different processes simultaneously, the system will assign a certain amount of memory to each of them, but doesn’t always performs this in the most efficient way.

However, this is not always Windows’ fault. Many third-party applications experience problems when managing memory, even after you close them. It´scommon, when having several open tabs in your browsers, for your PC to use up a large amount of RAM needlessly.

Fortunately, Memory Washer is a free program that can manage memory usage and edit processes that use up computer resources. With this tool you’ll have complete control over applications that start up with Windows, and you’ll be able to schedule a periodic memory cleanup, to automaticallyfree up space.

On the other hand, you can use keyboard shortcuts to control Memory Washer without interrupting your workflow. It also includes maintenance tools such as a cleaner to eliminate garbage files and programs from your hard disk and a function to terminate third-party services that may cause trouble.

In summary, if you notice that your system works slowly and has stability problems, or if you want to maximize your PC’s performance without spending money to expand physical RAM, don’t hesitate any longer to download Memory Washer for free and optimize your computer.

• Easy to use
• Includes a disk cleaner
• Management of programs that start up with Windows
• Cleans up the memory every few minutes

• Nothing to report

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Type Freeware

Version 7.1

Size 1 MB

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