Men of War: Assault Squad


Men of War: Assault Squad

Men of War: Assault Squad is a warfare strategy videogame and the latest expansion pack, that mainly focuses on skirmish maps in cooperative multiplayer mode, which looks like the game takes place around the globe during the Second World War .

Second expansion of Men of War

This real-time military videogame lets you battle against smart and aggressive enemy AI´s, which will force you to place all your units on the battlefield. Furthermore, you can select from 15 scenarios and 5 different armies (Russia, Germany, USA, Commonwealth and Japan), each with their own tactics and weapons.

Additionally, you´ll see that that the physics have been improved and gameplay is more realistic, as this title makes use of a “direct control” feature, which basically lets you maneuver your units using directional keys, instead of pointing and clicking.

On the other hand, you can take control of one of the army generals and e.g. control a tank and drive through obstacles, destroy the enemy and always have time to blow things up. Also, this game comes with an intuitive interface, so you´ll easily find your way around and organize your troops. The only downside of this title is that you need to know some basic warfare tactics, as the opposing forces can easily sweep you off the map.

Furthermore, you can play together in cooperative multiplayer mode of up to three friends at a time on missions against the AI. Once you´ve conquered those maps, you can always play online on huge scenarios of up to 16 players on a side and really test your skills here and move up the rankings.

In summary, this game will test your leadership tactics and how you can arrange your army. For sure you and your friends will be entertained for hours with this addictive and action-packed title. Go ahead and try out Men of War: Assault Squad today for free!

• Very addictive
• Action-packed
• Intuitive user interface
• Various scenarios
• 5 nations to choose from
• Cooperative multiplayer mode

• Gameplay can be very challenging for novice users

Men of War: Assault Squad limitations:
• Restricted features
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