Messenger is an instant messaging client that will let you communicate with people from all over the world.

This application is an excellent alternative to the popular MSN Messenger program. Messenger is very similar and lets you use the same options and tools as the well-known Microsoft´s client.

You’ll be able to use this application with any email account, so it isn’t necessary for you to register on a new page. Simply add your friends and communicate with them in real time. You’ll not only have the service to send text, but also support for video calls and voice communication. Messenger also lets you carry out group conversations with various contacts at the same time, and send them any type of file. You’ll even be able to leave messages to people who are offline; they will receive them next time they start their session.

Messenger is completely customizable, therefore using this program is not only handy, but also pleasant. You’ll be able to modify the general look of the interface by applying skins, and change your display image and the text color and font. You’ll also have the option of using emoticons and small icons to give all your conversations a nice and expressive touch.

One of Messenger’s best features is its contact organization. You’ll be able to create groups to distinguish your friends from family members or work colleagues, mark favorites or block some users so they can’t communicate with you. Besides, you’ll be able to choose a connection status, which can be “Connected”, “Disconnected”, “Absent”, “Busy” or some customized message.

In summary, Messenger is a very complete application with which you’ll be able to communicate with all your contacts in a variety of ways. Download it for free!

• Customizable look
• Use any email address
• Customizable icons
• Support for video calls

• Nothing to report
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Type Freeware

Version 0.98.4

Size 18 MB

Other versions

0.98.4 0.98.3 0.98.1 0.97.2 0.97.2