Microsoft Office 365, the excellent office suite in its newest and most comprehensive form


  • Integration with programs in the suite and other tools.
  • Possibility of saving documents in the cloud.
  • Access from computers and tablets.
  • Updated Metro interface.


  • The license has now become a monthly subscription, which could mean that it could cost more in the long run.

Microsoft Office 365 is the latest edition of the most-used office suite in the world. Not only does it have new versions of all the applications, but also works online—essential for any modern workspace.

The new Office

The applications in Office 15 come with a completely renovated interface, with new tools for higher productivity at work. To start with, Microsoft Excel now has a dynamic table option which lets you see different styles and select the most appropriate for your data. Another tool—‘Flash Fill’ —is an intelligent completion tool that recognizes patterns and fills the remaining cells automatically. Options to visualize graphics and edit them more precisely also stand out in the new version.

Microsoft Word also comes with improvements, mainly in the use of multimedia within the document. For example, all the text is redistributed into columns automatically for the clearest reading experience. You can also insert tables, graphics, images and videos that can be viewed online with just one click.

Putting those final touches on your documents has never been so easy. As soon as you start to drag objects over the page, you’ll see guidelines to align them perfectly, while the text redistributes itself according to the changes. It’s worth mentioning the new compabability with PDF docs, which will allow you to open them in this format and edit them.

To make attractive slideshows, Microsoft Powerpoint comes with new tools that bring your work to life. For example, there are new templates for every occasion, which are editable. That is, you'll have the option of working on variations of the same theme to achieve the look you want. In addition, you’ll find several features that will really help you to wow the audience. You can zoom in on different parts of the slide to draw the viewer's attention, and use an invisible control panel to alter the sound.

New features for Outlook and OneNote

As for organizing your work, Microsoft Outlook has been updated to be much more than an inbox. To start with, you’ll receive messages and notifications from your social networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn. The calendar has been revamped, and now lets you see only the most important information at a glance. It’s also much easier to share the calendar to organize work as a team and distribute tasks. Moreover, you can now see contact cards in one view and delete duplicate records.

Microsoft OneNote lets you gather information from different sources, to facilitate research tasks for any project. With this application you’ll be able to compile text, images, audio, videos, links and other multimedia content. Also, if you decide to embed a document, it will take you to a preview directly from the home screen. In this way, you'll see charts and graphs in Excel or PowerPoint slides without leaving the program. You can make handwritten entries and tags in all content, and you’ll find the powerful built-in search engine a lot easier to use.

Get connected with Microsoft Office 365

The renewed interface really stands out, which has been especially designed to work with Windows 7 and 8. With the addition of Metro, you’ll find it super-easy to use your favorite apps in your computer, as well as tablet or mobile.

The main addition to Office 365 is it’s complete integration with the cloud. You’ll be able to access content wherever you are, using your Microsoft account. By default, your files will be saved in the Microsoft Skydrive, which lets you open, edit and share your work from any device that’s connected to the internet.

If you need other people to work in the same project, you can create work groups to share files, with the option for various people to edit them at the same time. You can also leave notes for the rest of the team.
Microsoft Office 365 doesn’t just offer excellent integration between all the programs in the suite, but also with other Microsoft applications. For example, it has the option to organize work groups using Skype without leaving the interface within which you’re working. There’s also the possibility of using Bing to quickly resolve any doubts, or search for sources, without having to open the browser. You’ll have access to style templates, dictionaries, maps, graphics, and lots more tools to improve your office suite experience.

To conclude, Microsoft Office 365 offers a new way to work; integrating your most-used apps in order to make the experience more coherent. Your projects will take on new life, and you’ll be able to share them easily with people around the world. Accessing your documents from any device is straightforward; you’ll always been connected and up-to-date.

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