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Manage and process all your documents with this comprehensive suite

Microsoft Office Professional is Microsoft’s office suite, specially designed for companies and professionals. Surely you have already used some previous versions of the well-known application pack, but this edition includes some changes and new features that worth trying out.

Microsoft Office Professional has a large number of tools that will cover all your needs for creating documents and managing information. The applications included in this suite are Word (word processor), Excel (spreadsheet), Outlook (email client), PowerPoint (slide show presentations), Publisher (professional stationery and marketing), OneNote (interactive notepad) and Access (database).

Write your documents comfortably and efficiently

Microsoft Word is, undoubtedly, currently the most used word processor. The latest version includes several interface changes compared to Word 2003, so if you have used this program, you may have to get used to it again. If, on the other hand, this is the first time you use it, you won’t have any problem finding the tools you need, since it´s very intuitive.

Microsoft Word includes a large number of features that will help you write faster and create professional documents efficiently. For a start, the spell checker is more precise and lets you add new words to the dictionary, as well as autocorrecting typing errors, to save you time and effort. Besides, it lets you apply formatting changes immediately to give your text a new look within seconds.

Your documents don’t have to be just words; often it´s necessary to add other elements to beautify the text or better explain some point. With Microsoft Word you’ll be able to add mathematical formulae, tables, graphs and images, among other things, which will integrate perfectly with the text.

To top it off, Microsoft Word will also let you work in a team. Various users will simultaneously edit a shared document, which is automatically synchronized. You’ll be able to clearly see who is working, and the changes they are doing. Besides, you’ll be able to add notes and corrections for later review by yourself or a colleague, so you won’t have to save various copies of the same file with minor changes.

Use spreadsheets easily

Microsoft Excel is the application with which you’ll be able to analyze, compare, manage and share information in a simple way. Spreadsheet tools are often not very user-friendly for new users; however, the Microsoft application is extremely intuitive, with functions designed to optimize and simplify the work.

Microsoft Excel is just as useful to manage personal finances or data tendencies for a study. Editing any cell is as simple as clicking on it and the application can carry out many calculations automatically. You’ll be able to apply a variety of styles and formats to view and analyze data in the most efficient way possible.

Another of Microsoft Excel’s very attractive features is the ease with which you can create graphs. Simply select the values you want in the table and apply the corresponding graph style. You’ll be able to create bar charts, pie charts, tendency charts, etc. You’ll also be able to insert mini-graphs into individual cells to see more clearly the tendency for some value or data.

Besides, as with all Microsoft Office Professional applications, this tool is optimized for team work. Various users can edit shared documents and leave comments for others.

Manage your email

Microsoft Outlook is a complete organizer with which you’ll be able to handle all your email accounts from a single place. Thus, you’ll manage all your communications in the most efficient way.

Microsoft Outlook lets you organize and sort your messages any way you want. Besides, it has an excellent search engine and efficient filters that will help you find what you need.

But that’s not all – apart from managing your email, Microsoft Outlook also helps you organize your contacts and tasks. From the calendar you’ll be able to coordinate meetings and tasks with your colleagues, which will be sent via email so that nobody forgets the date. Besides, you have a task list to share and notes to remember anything you need, without covering up your monitor with sticky notes.

Create attractive presentations

Microsoft PowerPoint is the Office application to create interactive slide presentations. Surely you are already familiar with this application, but in this latest edition, various innovations are included that will let you give your work a new dynamism.

With Microsoft PowerPoint you can edit each slide individually, aligning the text the way you want it and inserting different elements. Apart from images you can add sounds, music, animations and videos, among other things. You’ll also have tools to edit these elements and quickly add special effects.

Microsoft PowerPoint lets you add transition effects between the different screens or slides. Besides, you have an extended gallery of templates and predesigned layouts available, to apply to your work. In case this isn’t enough for you, you can download new elements or create them yourself.

Publications in a professional quality

Microsoft Publisher will let you create stationery and marketing materials in an excellent quality, in a simple way. It includes various image design tools with which you’ll be able to add effects and even animate them.

Besides, to create publications you’ll have an extended template gallery available, in a variety of styles. You’ll be able to clearly see where to place each element on the page, how to distribute the text and images and ensure that no spaces will remain empty or too overloaded.

Microsoft Publisher also lets you edit text and use a large variety of typefaces to achieve an attractive finish, in a professional quality. You’ll have a real-time preview of all your work, and you’ll be able to share publications as easily as with the remainder of the suite.

Much more than a notepad

OneNote is the Microsoft Office Professional application with which you’ll be able to create and share notes. It´s much more flexible and lightweight than a word processor or an email client, and it supports any type of data, whether it´s text, images, video or audio.

With OneNote you’ll be able to increase your productivity, since any information you need will always be within reach. Regardless of the amount of notes or data you have, you’ll find everything easily thanks to its efficient search engine. Besides, Microsoft Office Professional lets you share notes and information with other users, to achieve better collaborative work.

Simple and complete databases

The final application included in Microsoft Office Professional is Access, designed to create and manage all sorts of databases. Its main feature is its ease of use, since it was created for all sorts of users, not just for experts.

For a start, Access offers you a number of templates and models that you can edit according to your needs, so you won’t need to waste time starting from scratch. You’ll create forms and reports that have a striking and well-organized look, to avoid losing information.

Besides, it includes various easy-to-use tools to automate tasks and add complex expressions without requiring any programming knowledge. Just like the remaining applications in the suite, Access will let you work with shared documents and optimize team work.

The most complete office suite on the market

One of this suite’s greatest benefits is that it lets you access your documents online from Office Web Apps. Thus, you’ll be able to continue working wherever you are. Besides, all the applications were optimized for team work and allow shared editing.

In summary, Microsoft Office Professional includes all the tools you might need to optimize and simplify all your work. As you might expect, all the tools integrate perfectly with one another and include complete assistants to guide you in case you need help. However, if you think that the Microsoft suite is not for you, you might try out OpenOffice, an open-source alternative with essential applications.

Download Microsoft Office Professional free and optimize your work as you never did before!

• Integration between the suite’s tools
• The possibility to access documents online
• The possibility to edit shared documents
• Easy to use, with templates for all applications

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