Microsoft Skydrive


Microsoft Skydrive

The file storage services are very varied, and with the arrival of Dropbox, many big names on the Internet decided to participate in this business. Obviously Microsoft couldn’t stay behind, so it launched Skydrive.

At first, its server was available in Web mode, which is to say, within a Live or Hotmail account. However, it has now grown and it is possible to download the utility to connect it to the Desktop and local folders.

The idea is to offer a free space to upload your photographs, videos, documents, templates and any file you want. Microsoft Skydrive presents an organized folder with these files and contents, that provides you with two great options. The first one is to use the online storage system without having to transfer files, while the second one is an excellent option to share all sorts of items with other contacts.

Microsoft Skydrive’s strong point is the excellent synchronization with the Live service: email (Hotmail or Outlook), Messenger, photo organizer and much more. These tools make the product strong compared to its competitors, as does the space offered to its clients: nothing less than 7 GB.

Obviously this capacity can be expanded at a reasonable price. However, before paying for more space we recommend you access “Manage storage”, since for a limited time you’ll have access to more space for free.

• Interaction with the Microsoft services
• 7 GB of free space
• Very easy to use

• 100 GB are too expensive
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Type Shareware

Version 17.0.2015.0811

Size 5.76 MB

Other versions

17.0.2015.0811 16.4.3347.0416