Midi2Wav Recorder

Midi2Wav Recorder is a program to convert MIDI to WAV files and MIDI to MP3. It converts MIDI files to Wave files. It enables users to record to Wave MIDI playback only or mix it with Microphone input. It can self-adjust a sound card mixer and then restores the original settings. It makes high-quality recordings directly from your sound card for it can turn a PC into a powerful audio recording studio. Midi2Wav provides the synch starting of MIDI playback and Wave recording. It has the possibility to select MIDI-Out and Wave-In devices which may be very useful if a default MIDI-Out and Wave-In devices are conflicting. It also offers the visual representation of waveform and signal volume, statistics evaluations of average and max volumes, and clipping warnings. Its possibility includes the possibility to maximize a dynamic range of recording by adjusting record level and MIDI playback volume.
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Version 4.1

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