MIDIMaster Karaoke


MIDIMaster Karaoke

MIDIMaster Karaoke is now better than ever with its brand new Performance Feature that mimics the advantages of a recording studio. You can customize all “mid” and “.kar” files by adjusting the tempo, key, instrumentation, echo and so much more. You can go jazz, acoustic, rock and roll or you may even try going for the blues interpretation of your favorite song. Record your voice to choose the best fit for you. Isolate key points in your song interpretation to improve your tone. The possibilities are endless. With numerous songs available over the internet for free, MIDIMaster Karaoke is sure to provide you countless hours of fun and excitement. Graduate from singing in the shower and start exercising your vocal cords professionally with MIDIMaster Karaoke.
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Type Shareware

Version 3.5

Size 3.86 MB

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