Milanuncios, all the classified advertisings of the website now on your Android device


  • The app version of the website
  • Tools to manage the adverts
  • Publish adverts for free


  • When something of the favorites list is sold, it disappears from the list without a warning

Milanuncios is a famous website where users can buy anything they are looking for or to sell anything they don’t need any more. If you are used to visit this website, you must know that now there is a better way to get access to them easily with the app with the same name, Milanuncios, for Android devices.

If you are interested on to buy or to rent, at Milanuncios you will have a lot of different options through all the adverts you will find. Moreover, you can add to your favorites those adverts you are most interested, so you will have the option to have them always on hand.
Besides, as a seller, to ad an advert on Milanuncios is totally free and you can do it in just a few minutes. Then, when a buyer is interested he only had to contact using the form and you will receive a notification and there will be the turn to come to an agreement to complete the process.

No matter if you want to sell or buy a book’s collection, your car, to rent a flat or to search for a private tutor for your classes. You will find all kind of categories where people are buying and selling nonstop. Moreover, you can filter the results by data, prize and many other options.

Save time and get all you need or sell those things you don’t need any more easily and in a fast way downloading Milanuncios app, it’s totally free.

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Type Freeware

Version 2.4.4

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