MindArchitect is the best software for developing conceptual schematics and maps.


  • Create, edit and share easily
  • Friendly user interface
  • Add hyperlinks to your schematics


  • It takes a bit to learn all the advanced features

If you are organized in your thoughts, then it will be much easier than you may have an orderly life and, therefore, successful. This, again, is similar to a logical syllogism and its truth is out of discussion. So what better than having good ideas to make them real? Given this, it is always good to make use of tools to optimize your concepts and make them clear. This is where MindArchitect kicks in: a complete tool for creating and editing concept maps and schematics.

Concept maps are used to represent different relational topics. This type of representation will not only make you easier and more effectively to understand a particular idea, but also it will be very helpful in exposing what you're thinking to other people.

So, as soon as you have downloaded MindArchitect, your computer will become an excellent assistant when passing your work from an ideal state to a sheet paper. It is a real challenge, but as with all challenges, this is motivating and very positive.

Create, edit and link all your conceptual maps

In this context, MindArchitect includes a number of features that will give it a distinct advantage over other similar software. Mainly, MindArchitect is easy to use and has a number of predefined styles that will assist you in developing a neat schematic.

You can create any number of concept maps you want, or easily edit them as you have the chance to add hyperlinks. It is very comprehensive. Develop elegant concept maps for a formal audience, make dynamic schematics for a hard public, just design what you need and let MindArchitect do the rest.

Download MindArchitect now and be a real architect of your concept map and schematics in a clear, precise and orderly way. Improve your communication and make everyone understand better what you mean with this amazing tool.

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