Minecraft Pocket Edition


Build anything you can imagine with Minecraft for Adrdroid

Minecraft pocket edition is the free Minecraft APK for your Android device where you can place blocks to construct objects in randomly generated worlds and also go on adventures. Anything you can imagine, you can build.

Downloading Minecraft for Android for free gives you the freedom to hang out with friends, create masterpieces as you travel, sit in the park and many more. Furthermore, you can play with friends over a local Wi-Fi network and join in on the fun.

Minecraft for Android features:
• Various new features such as spiders, chests, skeletons, beds, swords, bows, TNT etc.
• Loads of fun
• Can play multiplayer mode over a local Wi-Fi network
• Build any object
• Randomly generated maps
• New iconic creepers
• Free APK
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Type Freeware


Size 64.32 MB

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