Create and manage your own world with Minecraft


  • Expansive worlds to explore.
  • More than 200 combinations of construction materials.
  • The possibility of creating any structure.
  • Multiplayer mode.


  • Multiplayer games could be difficult to organise.
  • There aren’t any guides within the game.

Welcome to Minecraft, the challenging game in which you play God. Build settlements, explore the incredible environment, and discover the infinite construction possibilities using different materials.
Absolutely unique in style, the game has become set the benchmark within its genre. Created by Mojang AB and now under the management of Microsoft, the main innovation of Minecraft is offering an open world entirely at your disposal, full of resources you can use in order to survive. No wonder it’s known as a “sandbox” game; a space in which you can do whatever comes to mind.

Construct your world with Minecraft

In Minecraft, you won’t find the same kind of spectacular graphics or incredible special effects that you might see in the blockbuster games that launch at conventions. That doesn’t change the fact, however, that the number of people playing the game continues to grow day by day, thanks to a simple environment that offers high-quality gameplay with a limitless number of personalization options. This all adds up to an experience resulting in hours of fun.
The draw of the game comes from the fact that the limits aren’t set by the game itself, but by each player. Minecraft boasts three modes of play guaranteed to satisfy any gamer: For those who want to flex their creative muscles there’s ‘Creative Mode’, for those who crave a challenge there’s ‘Survival Mode’, and for those who want to really want to push their survival skills to the absolute limit there’s ‘Hardcore Mode’.

Minecraft keeps it simple

The game oozes simplicity and fun. These two elements make the game one of the most popular of our time. Download Minecraft, jump into its exciting virtual world and free your imagination. Explore, construct, create your own virtual world and discover how far you can push yourself.
One of the advantages of Minecraft is that it gets updated constantly. Of course, it’s always possible to save your games, but don’t let yourself think that this means the game will always be the same. With every update comes new and interesting innovations. For this reason, Minecraft is a game that you’ll download once and enjoy forever.

Download Minecraft and discover a new way to play.

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Type Freeware

Version 1.13

Size 37.06 MB

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