Minecraft Server


Minecraft Server

Minecraft Server is a program that lets you create a Minecraft server so you can play Mohjang’s famous title online.

Minecraft is an excellent game to build a world freely in 8 bits and to experience incredible adventures. Unfortunately its gameplay is single-player, making it necessary to set up a server to simultaneously share the experience with other people.

How to use Minecraft Server

After downloading Minecraft Server for the PC, you’ll have to manually configure the tool; this can be difficult due to the lack of an intuitive interface. When you run it the first time, all the required documents to carry out this task will be generated in its folder; however, you’ll have to modify them.

In the “admins.txt” file you’ll have to type, on separate lines, the names of the players who’ll join the game online. In the “ops.txt” file you’ll type the names of users who have the privilege of placing and destroying blocks. On the other hand, in “server.properties” you’ll edit the game’s main parameters, such as the difficult and the look of different elements.

In the third step you’ll check the firewall configuration. Before starting the server you’ll have to open the port through which other players will connect. In this case it´s the port 25565.

Finally you’ll have to start Minecraft without closing the server. You’ll choose the “multiplayer” mode and register with your paid username. Once the session starts, you’ll access the “DirectConnect” option and type the computer’s IP address, either an internal one (on the local network) or an external one (on the (Internet).

In summary, don’t hesitate any longer to download Minecraft Server for free and enjoy this fantastic experience online with all your friends.

• Play Minecraft online
• Configured in just a few steps
• Files are edited in the TXT format

• Unintuitive interface
• Uses a lot of computer resources
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Type Freeware

Version Pre-release 1.6 13w24a

Size 2.42 MB

Other versions

Pre-release 1.6 13w24a