Minecraft Snapshot


Minecraft Snapshot

Minecraft Snapshot is the new update of Minecraft, the popular simulation game to explore and build your own world. This small patch corrects several bugs and errors, as well as adding improved graphics and new features.

What’s new in Minecraft Snapshot 13w19a:
• New textures for coal and lapis
• Access to the donkey’s and the mule’s inventories, for interaction and stealth
• Some creatures appear in groups again
• A harder clay is added
• Solution to diverse bugs and errors

If you enjoy playing Minecraft and want to keep up-to-date with it, don’t hesitate to downloadMinecraft Snapshot. In case you find more bugs or errors, you can report them to the developers to solve them soon and, if you want, you have the option of playing the old version without updating your installer.

Download Minecraft Snapshot 13w19anow for free!
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Type Freeware

Version 13w19a

Size 6.83 MB

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