Minetest is a simulation title, which currently represents one of the main games of the Minecraft category. With a simple but effective software, in this adventure your task will be to move around and explore everything you can around you, to build an environment to your taste.

When you download Minetest for free you’ll enter a challenge of the “sandbox” type in which you’ll be able to freely walk around, dig and create buildings in a world of infinite voxels. To do this you’ll have to get and manage resources and raw materials, with the objective of creating the best possible reality.

Minetest vs Minecraft

In the Minecraft style, when you play Minetest for free you’ll have multiple options available, although in some cases better. For a start, you’ll find diverse API mods for Minetest, with which you’ll be able to add diverse changes and add-ons to the game, to adapt it to your taste. You’ll also enjoy a completely useful map generator.

On the other hand, you’ll also find improved options, such as voxels with their own lighting, which will let you build caves of light and even castles with torches. Besides, with Minetest Online you’ll be able to experience fascinating collective games, since it has multiplayer support for tens of users from all over the world.

Undoubtedly, one of this title’s main benefits is in its simple gameplay, as well as the fact that it’s lightweight and the stability it offers for the computer on which it runs. In this sense, there is no problem at all running it with old hardware, and no gameplay is sacrificed in these environments.

Finally, this Minecraft alternative, Minetest, has supports for multiple languages, as a benefit of its growing user community. So, if you want to embark on a unique challenge that will expand your creative limits to infinity and let you design your own world, this is your chance.

Download Minetest for free!

• Lets you create a world freely
• Includes luminous voxels
• Diverse mods to expand the options
• Includes a powerful map generator
• Lightweight and stable
• Multiplayer-enabled

• Not much variation with respect to its main competitor: Minecraft
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Type Free (GPL)

Version 0.4.15

Size 14.66 MB

Other versions

0.4.15 0.4.6