Quickly access the recycle bin by installing this useful add-on

MiniBin is an add-on for the Windows Taskbar, with which you’ll be able to get quick access to the Recycle Bin.

After installing MiniBin, a small icon will be added to the Windows Taskbar, next to the clock. By simply clicking on it, you’ll access the context menu that will let you get into the Recycle Bin, empty it or configure it. The icon’s color will change to indicate how full the Recycle Bin is, so you’ll always be able to calculate how much space is left before having to empty it.

MiniBin is useful for users who like to hide the Desktop icons, to achieve a look that is much more aesthetically pleasing. Even though Windows lets you hide all these items, it doesn’t offer a shortcut to the Recycle Bin that’s as convenient as MiniBin. On the other hand, it´s also a very handy add-on to save time, since it lets you control this system application from anywhere, without interrupting your workflow.

MiniBin only uses a very small amount of space on your hard disk, and it is so lightweight that it won’t negatively affect your computer’s performance even if it is running permanently. It´s very easy to install and requires no configuration, so it´s the simplest solution to the Recycle Bin problem.

What are you waiting for to download MiniBin for free?

• Requires no configuration
• Icon changes color as you fill the Recycle Bin
• Lets you empty the Recycle Bin with a single click
• Doesn’t use a lot of resources

• Nothing to report

MiniBin icon

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