Mobizen for PC


Download Mobizen for PC and make the most of synchronization between your mobile and computer


  • Synchronize your device with your PC.
  • Share files, videos, and music.
  • Make calls from your PC and access all the info that’s on your mobile.


  • You need the Mobizen app on your device for it to work.

If it looks like there’s a unstoppable tendency to announce the death of the PC at the hands of new mobile devices, it’s also true that there are developments that are focussed on getting the most out what each piece of hardware has to offer when it comes to completing tasks on each device. A tool such as Mobizen for PC may come to define the debate about phones and tablets with Android, and computers with Windows.

All the power of Android, on Windows

One of the best qualities that Mobizen has, is that as soon as we start a personal computer, it’s very easy to synchronize all the functions of a mobile, but adapting their use to the comfort of a bigger screen with better resolution. In this sense, Mobizen for PC offers a wide range of actions that will facilitate the management of your apps and other mobile tasks, all from your PC, for example looking at photos and videos stored in the memory of your phone, as well as transferring all the music you want from Android to Windows. It’s a question of waiting a few seconds and there you have it.

Make calls from your PC

Mobizen for PC is designed to be able to access your mobile remotely and consult the incoming and outgoing calls of your mobile registry. Likewise, you can make calls from your computer as if you were using your mobile. On top of that, Mobizen gives you the option of dragging and dropping any type of file, whatever its extension type, so you can go about your business of organizing files however you want.

Don’t wait one second more, and download Mobizen for your PC. Remember as well that you should install the Mobizen app onto the devices you want to synchronize. It’s all very simple and user-friendly. Mobizen for PC is an essential download.

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