Become the best Youtuber with Mobizen, your Smartphone and your creativity


  • Record videos and games from your Smartphone’s display
  • Good image quality and audio
  • Essential tool for youtubers


  • It's something heavy, and this may decrease effectiveness
  • You cannot record content without the logo
  • Only available for Android 4.2 and higher

Internet is full of screencast about games, computer apps and funny things going on computers. However, the Smartphone sector does not have much content dedicated to. So if you're thinking about becoming an innovative and different youtuber there is a tool that can help you achieve it: Mobizen.

Mobizen is an Android app that records everything going on the screen of your smartphone, whether it's your ability to pass levels of a game, how to use different applications such as tutorials, or whatever you can think of! If it appears on the screen of a smartphone, this application registers it. You can also record playback of very good quality content in most cases.

Yes, "in most cases" because, in fact, this app consumes considerable resources. So, depending on the resources that consume the content you want to shoot, the app can (or cannot) do the job as quickly as expected.

To get your best screen recordings in the computer was easy, but if you think the time has come for improving your YouTube channel, or you think is time to innovate your published content, download Mobizen and start making screencasts from your Smartphone as your distinctive mark from the rest.

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Type Freeware


Size 18.46 MB

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