Sketch up and plan ahead with MockupScreens


  • Design schematics and layouts for websites and applications
  • Quick and useful
  • Export your work to several formats


  • Very specific software, not fully appreciated

MockupScreens is one of those programs as specific as powerful that it is difficult to explain to regular users. A short way to explain it is to say it is software designed to create sketches of applications and websites. But MockupScreens is much more than that.

MockupScreens is based on three simple ideas: quick schemes, simple communication and clear specifications. This means with MockupScreens is possible to design a web site or software layout without resorting directly to the design tools themselves, but instead aiming to develop the idea: what will be its main functions, how it will be each screen, simulating the common elements, or even add tables and data to verify the viability of the idea.

Behind the "easy communication" MockupScreens means the project must be easy to understand. How can this be achieved? MockupScreens allows you to design a series of screens called "scenarios" which simulate specific situations to focus the functions of the project. The good news is that with MockupScreens you can document each step, helping the further development of the project.

But what would be the fate of a project if you cannot explain it right? MockupScreens provides tools to share the project with colleagues or customers. If any of them don’t have MockupScreens, then turn it into a PDF or a Word document. If you must present the idea at a meeting, then you can print and distribute copies among the participants (either for each scenario, and also the stage with documented notes). You can even place a mask for the occasion, showing your work as if it were a program for Mac, Windows or even an Internet application.

Surely MockupScreens will not be the most widely used program in the history of computers, but certainly has everything a software developer needs.

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Type Shareware

Version 4.91

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