Discuss the latest developments in the mobile sector with mocoNews


  • Continuously updated information on the mobile sector
  • Share news over social networks
  • "Read later" feature


  • It only has to do with mobile news

Do you think that forums are outdated? mocoNews is an Android app to show that forums can compete on equal terms whenever they offer an interesting topic.

mocoNews is focused on a very attractive sector: mobile technology. Everything, absolutely everything related to the mobile sector is contained in this application, constantly updated to provide new features, news, publications and upcoming releases. All of these are great features, but the most interesting “thing” about this app is the discussion forum where it is possible to speak your mind about the hottest topics, but also the classic ones.

There are people who suggest that social networks are natural enemies of the forums. This is wrong, because some forums’ articles are shared over these social networks to reach out to people who won’t access a forum directly. In these forum posts you will find buttons to share it over Facebook, Twitter, even over e-mail. So, rather than an enemy, mocoNews is something like a mobile source of information to show everyone you're quite updated and well informed.

Smartphones offer us the advantage of reading interesting articles anytime, anywhere. mocoNews will deliver the best articles about the mobile universe. Did you find something amazing you can’t read at the moment or you want to read it again afterwards? The "read later" feature will please you.

You can tell a lot about Smartphones and you can find out occasional novelty, but if you want to know everything about the mobile world you have to download mocoNews.

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