Run Metro applications on Windows desktop and determine the utilities' size

ModernMix is a Windows 8 program that lets you run Metro applications on the Desktop. With this alternative to Stardock you’ll be able to run the new features of the Modern UI in a specific window and show the different alternatives in the startup screen’s taskbar.

Thanks to this option to download ModernMix for free, you’ll have the new option of determining the size in which the different Metro utilities open. This situation will be possible independently of the contents stored in the application, and will be entirely up to you.

Besides, just as you have the option of anchoring the icons for Windows 8 programs on the taskbar of the main system page, you’ll also be able to create shortcuts on the Desktop and exchange them with running apps. Thus, you’ll perfectly recreate the conditions typical for previous versions of the Microsoft operating system.

On the other hand, you’ll optimize the operation of Metro programs, and it will be completely simple for you to pause or suspend their operation, since to close any application, you’ll just have to click the corresponding button. You’ll also be able to access the Windows 8 native Charms bar directly from any app’s window.

In summary, what ModernMix allows is simply to overcome the existing distance between the classic standards of the Microsoft operating system and the new conditions of the Modern UI. In this sense, you’ll run the different Windows 8 utilities in an environment more similar to version 7 of the OS. Besides, once the program is installed the different applications run in the new window by default.

If you are used to the old Windows version and want to run metro applications without problems and conveniently, this is your chance. Don’t hesitate any longer to download ModernMix for Windows!

• Lets you run metro applications on the Desktop
• Lets you adjust the window sizes
• Provides the option of creating shortcuts and anchoring them on taskbars
• Simplifies the Windows 8 operation

• Once ModernMix is installed, applications run in its window by default

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Type Shareware

Version 1.05

Size 6.82 MB

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