Moho is a 2D vector based software package for creating cartoon animations. It is available for various versions of Windows as well as for Mac OS.
With Moho, you get very good reproductions of the drawings created by artists and once the drawings are reproduced inside Moho, the artist or even a trained operator can start developing each of the characters in their animated forms using the various functions and tools. The drawing, coloring and key frame animation tools of the software package are very smart and useful. You can do multi-layer composing and much more.
Moho supports vector-based illustration and has manipulators for controlling skeletons. This is quite useful for creation of characters. Moreover, texts can be handled as smartly as graphics using facilities like deformation etc. that enables addition of titles to your cartoon films.
Moho’s cartoons can be rendered out as QuickTime, AVI or other movie file formats.
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Type Shareware

Version 12

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