Selfies are now much more fun with MomentCam!


  • Lots of options to customize images
  • Good selection of available backgrounds
  • Convert images into animated emoticons
  • Share your masterpieces on social networks


  • Animated emoticons are not compatible with all platforms
  • Cannot include text in images

Selfies had their heyday a bit ago. Not that they have ceased to be fashionable, but they are so "typical" that became so boring… until MomentCam appeared: an Android app tturn any boring selfie in a funny cartoon.

Did you just take the thousand typical "selfie" that you have posted 300 versions? Let MomentCam turn it into a fun situation: turn it into a cartoon with charcoal in black and white effect, choose a funny costume for you, change your hair or eyes color, or place the background you like. You have just turn a selfie into a more original picture!

You can use MomentCam for your own photos or those from your friends. Surprise everyone with a photo of new and original profile every day, or give your best friends fun versions of their photos. The only limit is your creativity and the best examples of your creativity can be saved all the time you want in the memory of your Smartphone. When you are up with your selfies and funniest images, share them on all social networks from the app.

If turn you into simple avatars seems too basic try the animated emoticons option, it can also be shared over some social networks.

Selfies are now a thing of the past. Download this Android app and give a new life to each of your images. Only one warning: editing photos with MomentCam can be extremely addictive!

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Type Freeware

Version 2.5.2

Other versions

2.5.2 2.4.7