Adolescence is no longer a carefree age, not since zombies from Monster Madness appeared...


  • Single player and multiplayer modes available
  • More than 70 monsters to fight
  • Wide variety of vehicles and weapons
  • Amazing 3D environment
  • Offline single player mode available


  • Internet required for multiplayer mode

Zombies, adventure, struggles to survive and a lot of emotions. This is the combination that offers Monster Madness, a fast-paced 3D game for Android, in which you cannot rest for a moment because the undead are approaching.

Monster Madness is an original game inspired by classic teen horror movies or TV shows. After downloading the game on the device, the player becomes a carefree unconcerned teenager, until the undead appear ready to end the tranquility of the place.

From that moment, Monster Madness becomes a game where the only goal is to survive zombie hordes and all the horrible monsters that join them. Fortunately, there are two elements available: first, a lot of very rapid combat vehicles; second, an incredible arsenal of weapons to kill as many zombies as possible.

Monster Madness does not allow even one minute of rest because there are more than 70 friends to beat and they are bloodthirsty, so a single second to catch your breath may mean the end...

So Monster Madness is an online game for loners or to fight the hordes of non-living beings in the company of other players. However, to get into the apocalyptic world of Monster Madness in the company of your allies, you must have internet connection.

Zombies can attack when you least expect it. Download Monster Madness and show them they have nothing to do while you're in the battlefield.

Monster Madness icon

Type Shareware

Version 1.3 (Android 2.1-2.2)

Size 15.22 MB

Other versions

1.3 (Android 2.1-2.2)