Monstie Wars Free


Build defensive towers to combat your enemies in Monstie Wars Free


  • Free game
  • Different defensive towers available
  • Different kinds of Monstie
  • Suitable for all ages


  • Slow development of events

Monstie Wars Free features the Monstie: strange characters who come to stay and they are not good neighbors, precisely. Their goal is to conquer the whole territory; however, they don’t seem to be smart enough because they have not taken into account a tiny detail: local folks are unwilling to surrender their land without a fight. That’s why they are preparing defensive towers to stop the invaders.

This is an entertaining Android game that delivers hours of fun. Monstie Wars Free is an exciting app in which you must help the villagers building defensive towers to resist the attack of the invaders, in an incredible variety of scenarios: from deserts to icy wastelands environments.

As levels are won, new items are unlocked so you can build more powerful and resistant towers. In addition, there is an achievement system to access amazing rewards that add excitement to the game while giving some advantages to defend the land. Don’t you get too comfy because Monstie also increase their skills and their attack strategies improve, so you must never be overconfident about your towers. These Monstie seem tireless in their struggle: more powerful and intelligent Monstie will appear.

Can you be the leader needed to end the Monstie invasion? To download Monstie Wars Free is more than an arcade game; it is a responsibility towards the local villagers: they need help to combat dangerous invaders from their land, the help that only a true leader can provide.

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Type Freeware

Version 2.02 (Android 2.0 -2.2)

Size 7.84 MB

Other versions

2.02 (Android 2.0 -2.2)