Use a different voice in every game or messenger service


  • Lots of options for changing your voice.
  • Compatible with an endless amount of programs and online games.
  • Better your sound quality.


  • Would be a lot better if a lot of the atmospheric sounds were included from the get-go.

Don’t like the sound of your own voice? Who does? The best thing about technology is that you no longer have to be content with every little aspect of your life you’d rather change; you can now get a little IT help with MorphVOX Pro.

Extremely customizable options

One of the most notable aspects of MorphVOX Pro is that it has predefined profiles within which you can find the voice you want in no time. You can turn into a ‘woman’ or ‘man’ with just a click of a mouse, as well as transform into a robot, a demon, an alien...pretty much anything that crosses your mind.

You can make adjustments in MorphVOX Pro using a series of personalized controls. You can change the pitch of your voice to sound as husky as Batman or as trilly as a chipmunk on helium. Other effects include distortion, echo, chorus, and reverberation. You’ll be able to sound like a little baby or a terrifying cyborg from the future, with just a few adjustments in the controls. You’ll also be able to save every variation under a new profile so that you don’t lose any of the changes you’ve made.

Messaging, editing, games...in all of them you will be heard!

The most interesting thing about MorphVOX Pro is that, on arriving at the perfect voice, you can then apply it wherever you want. If you want to make a prank call to your friends—that’s an option. MorphVOX Pro is compatible with Skype, Google Talk, and TeamSpeak, to name just a few. It’s also compatible with editing platforms including SoundForge, Sony Vegas, ACID, Audacity, and more.

If what you’re after is a new lease of life in your online gaming experience, then MorphVOX has the answer; it’s compatible with Counter-Strike, Second Life, Everquest, Battlefield, and many more entertaining titles. If your avatar is a giant orc, a murderous robot, or a sorceress with a vengeance, MorphVOX Pro gives you the chance to match the voice with the image. All you need to do is download the program and start to take advantage of its benefits.

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Type Shareware

Version 4.4.63 Build 1606

Size 7.55 MB

Other versions

4.4.63 Build 1606 4.4.32 Build 18617 4.3.21 Build 17566 4.3.17 Build 20761 4.3.16 Build 30378