Mozilla Firefox


The fastest browser on the net, with better security


  • Smooth, quick browsing.
  • Attractive interface.
  • CAn synchronize across different devices.
  • Improvements in HTTP encryption and internet security.
  • Improvements to the Hello service for video calls and group chats.


  • Resources consumed can grow quickly.

The browser makes browsing via the web so much simpler, thanks to its tab system. It’s the the preference of millions of users all over the world; they’re convinced by the its balance and speed to enjoy whatever content on the web in no time.

Mozilla Firefox: stable andeasy on disc space

The number of users that use Mozilla on a day-to-day basis continues to rise thanks to the robustness of the popular browser from red panda; an easy to install, stable and resource-saving resource that’s now one of the best options for people who want to browse the web quickly.

Stability and agility are the main things that stand out, but even more useful for the users that download it is the practical tab system that Mozilla have perfected; now tabs load extremely quickly, resulting in a very pleasant browsing experience.

Personalization: not a minor issue

Thinking in users with little experience navigating the web, Firefox offers as a default a simple to use interface which comes with the option of personalizing it with ‘skins’. There’s a huge range available, so it’s very likely you’ll find something you like.
Mozilla Firefox also has thousands of downloadable extensions and add-ons that make the browsing experience a unique one depending on the user. Why wait any longer to discover the most personalizable browser ever?

Security and stability: the key ingredients

Sometimes Firefox has been dismissed as a some what awkward browser. The criticism normally comes from competitors who sell themselves as the opposite: slick, clean. Having said that, the test of time has shown that the perceived ‘awkwardness' of Firefox is nothing more than the stability needed to combat the challenges of a modern-day internet. Other browsers nowadays need to be just as bulky (or even more so) in order to deal with it all.

Firefox grows in popularity within in its fan base: personalization, security, fresh appearance and great speed when browsing the web.

Mozilla Firefox icon

Type Free (GPL)

Version 61.0.2

Size 37.43 MB

Other versions

61.0.2 61.0.1 61.0 60.0.2 60.0.1